Sep 06, 2023

Product Picks: July 2022

Westlake Royal Building Products has introduced five new colors to its Royal Siding and Exterior Portfolio vinyl siding lines. The newly added colors in tones of gray, blue-gray, brown, and green are inspired by colors found in nature. Both lines feature Chromatix technology color protection to resist fading. The Exterior Portfolio includes shades in SmartStyles Premium and SmartStyles Expressions, while Royal Siding's palette includes Colorscapes Premium and Colorscapes Dark. The three new Exterior Portfolio colors are: Stone Harbor, Spruce, and Smoky Ash. The two new Royal Siding colors are: Silver Mist (shown), and Riverway.

Developed to install easily into DesignRail top or bottom rails without special tools, Feeney's new DesignRail LED Rail Lighting Kit now accommodates a single, continuous 55′ run and is field trimmable for optimal flexibility, with 4″ cut lines for reference. The lighting system is certified by UL and maintains its certification even when cut in the field. The 24V wet location strip lights attach to the railing surface using integrated high-performance, double-sided foam tape. Waterproof crimp fittings provide protection from the elements while plug and play connectors are designed to facilitate quick linking of lights and components. Feeney's energy-efficient LED rail lighting is rated for 50,000 hours high output lighting for both indoor and outdoor applications. Feeney has increased the product warranty for its LED Rail Lighting Kit to seven years for Light Strips and five years for Power Supplies.

The makers of Trex RainEscape have introduced Trex Seal Ledger Tape, an 11″-wide, aluminum-lined butyl tape specifically engineered for use on the ledger board of a deck. In many deck installations, there is a small gap left between the house and the deck that allows water to seep down and onto the ledger board, where it can collect and penetrate the wood, eventually leading to decay. Protecting the ledger board with proper flashing is critical for ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of a deck. Trex Seal, when used as part of a Trex RainEscape system installation, combines features of metal and tape flashing in one easy-to-use product. Reinforced with an aluminum liner, the tape covers the entire surface of the ledger board and is designed to create a seamless seal over any gaps between the ledger and deck substructure for optimal protection against moisture and water penetration.

The Masonite Performance Door System features the company's 4-Point Performance Seal, which includes Premium Square Edge Fiberglass Doors, Endura Products’ Z- Articulating Cap Sill, PE650 Weatherstripping, Simple Solution Corner Pads and FrameSaver rot-proof door frame. Optional upgrades include Endura's "Best of IBS Show" award-winning PanoLock or Trilennium multipoint locks and FusionFrame. The System is offered with all Masonite exterior fiberglass doors, which are available in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes, including multiple glass options. The System will also be offered with three new Shaker-style recessed panel designs, Lincoln Park, Logan, and Winslow Flush Glazed.

The 400 Series from Superior Plastics is a new railing system that's specially designed for a drink rail. Superior Plastics fastened an aluminum receiver plate to a simple vinyl top rail, choosing aluminum for this plate for long-term strength. The receiver plate is predrilled every 12″, so that the railing installer can lay a deckboard on top of it and then, using the fasteners supplied in the boxed section, attach the railing to the aluminum plate. Since the deckboard is fastened every 12″ across the entire rail, there is no gapping and the deckboard is held flush to the top rail. Each boxed section includes a top rail with aluminum plate attached, bottom rail, balusters of choice, brackets to attach the rails to the posts, and fasteners for all of the brackets as well as the deckboard. The contractor simply supplies deckboard to match the decking.

The Canvas Series from VERSATEX is designed to deliver the rich look of premium woods with maintenance-free convenience. Exterior-grade, wood-tone laminates are bonded onto VERSATEX's WP4, Stealth Beadboard, 4″ Crown and Bed Moulding profiles, eliminating the requirement of labor-intensive re-staining and adding the durability and moisture/insect resistance of VERSATEX cellular PVC. Offered in nine textured, low-gloss finishes—Natural Amber (shown), Driftwood, Turner Oak, Copper, Walnut, Macore, Black Cherry, Weathered Grey, and Kitami—the Canvas Series is engineered to be used for porch ceiling, soffit, feature wall, or any other exterior/interior application.

Humboldt Sawmill Douglas-fir rough and S4S stock are available in a range of dimension, grade, and length structure to fit your customers’ needs. Joists and planks are available in 3″ and 4″ dimensions in lengths up to 24′. Posts and beams are available in 6″ and larger dimensions, up to 12″ x 24″, and lengths up to 24′. Humboldt Sawmill Douglas-fir products are graded and stamped. Humboldt Sawmill lumber products are manufactured at company-owned sawmills in Scotia and Ukiah, California. Finished goods are available direct from the mills, as well as through company-owned distribution locations in northern and southern California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. Customer orders ship via rail and truck.

SPAX POWERLAGS structural wood screws are American made and independently inspected and tested. The fasteners will continue to be the same product, with a color change to a black top coat in place of the original green. SPAX POWERLAGS engineered fasteners are getting a new look this season. This High Corrosion Resistance (HCR) coating provides a double barrier: first plated with a zinc base coat, then finished with a durable top coat. SPAX POWERLAGS are approved for exterior use, including treated lumber, and accommodate nominal and rough lumber sizes. The structural wood screws are available in both hex and washer head styles for a more decorative accent or finish. SPAX POWERLAGS are IRC/IBC code compliant and backed by third-party reports, including for deck-ledger attachment.

Fiberon's new Wildwood composite cladding is the company's first product designed with commercial cladding applications in mind. Wildwood features an open-joint profile and is available in a variety of board lengths and widths. The product is designed to be mixed and matched by board lengths and colors to create unique, custom looks. According to the manufacturer, the cladding is priced competitively to wood and cost less than most rainforest wood cladding or engineered cladding products. The composite core is engineered to provide resistance to rotting, cracking, insects, and decay. Backed by a 50 year warranty covering stain, fade, and performance.

Cable railing manufacturer, Atlantis Rail Systems, has launched a new aluminum top rail for its Spectrum cable railing system. Previously, the company supplied the cable, fittings, and posts for the Spectrum system and requested the customer supply their own hardwood top rail. Due to customer demand for an integrated top rail, Atlantis Rail has now created their new Spectrum top rail system. The system consists of square, 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ stainless steel powder coated posts that can be fascia or surface mounted and an extruded aluminum 1-5/8″ x 3-1/2″ top rail. The top rail is offered in standard lengths of 4′, 6′ and 8′. The top rail and associated fittings are made of aluminum and powder coated in the standard and special Spectrum colors. A gate can also be added using the new top rail system.

Wolf Home Products has released a third finish option in its contemporary cabinet style line, Wolf Endeavor. Wolf Endeavor cabinets are frameless with full access and full overlay styling. The modern, shaker-style door is now available in three finishes: Polar SmartShield, Sterling SmartShield, and Carbon SmartShield. The new finish, Carbon SmartShield (shown), rounds out a neutral palette with a dark grey option. The finish is designed to give homeowners a dark, clean shade that is not as saturated as black and contrasts with lighter room elements. Wolf Endeavor cabinets are produced for multi-family housing and new home construction. All cabinets feature SmartShield Technology which, according to the manufacturer, is a durable finish that resists household stains and can be wiped clean.

Haas Door has launched a new Graywood wood grain color. The deep gray color is now available in the residential and commercial garage doors in the American Tradition, Insulated Steel 2000, 700, and 600 Series. Available in a uni-directional wood grain pattern, the Graywood color is designed to add a modern feeling to a classic gray, warmed up with the element of wood. The gray hue is consistent across the door, and the wood grain pattern shows the detail of a wood pattern to be seen clearly from the curb. Haas Door provides a 10-year finish warranty on the color.

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