Sep 19, 2023

The best induction cookware of 2023

This top-notch cookware will keep pumping out perfect food for years to come.

This set has everything you need for induction cooking.

Stainless steel cookware provides one of the most durable options.

This is a practical and attractive set of pans.

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Looking for the best induction cookware for beautiful, even cooking? While many people use gas-powered stoves or convection cooking that heats up whatever is directly atop the burner, others pick induction cooktops—cooking surfaces with a copper coil that creates a magnetic field to heat the pan and food. However, these appliances need the proper cookware to achieve optimal results. Don't worry; we’ve got you covered. Some cookware is naturally induction-ready, such as cast iron, enameled cast iron, and stainless steel. And if you’re unsure if one of your pots or pants is induction-ready, you can try the magnet trick: place a magnet on the bottom of your cookware and see if it sticks. If you’re not 100% or just looking for an upgrade, however, choose one of our picks for the best induction cookware and spend the rest of your time perfecting your gnocchi recipe.

To provide a solid recommendation list, we evaluated the best induction cookware on a few key factors. Firstly, we looked at brand reputation and reviews. How reputable is the brand, and how many active customers took to the internet to recommend their favorite piece of induction cookware?

Second, we evaluated the value of the product. While some products may be more expensive than others, we thought more about what you are getting for that price. Is it multi-use, replacing the need for other cookware that will ultimately save you money? Are the materials highly durable and long-lasting? Does it come in a money-saving set?

We also looked at the best induction cookware that was versatile and ready for any surface, not just induction cooktops. In addition, we considered cleanup because ease of use is super important for busy families and professionals who don't want to slave all day rinsing and reconsidering their kitchens.

When buying cookware, you must decide whether to buy individual pieces or complete packages. The best cookware sets offer the pots and pans you need without a ton of extra stuff that drives up the cost. Here are our picks for the best induction cookware—complete sets and single pans.






We chose the Carote induction-ready cookware set as best overall because you simply cannot beat that level of quality for such an ultra-affordable price point. It has virtually all the same specs as our other contenders, yet offers more pieces for less money.

This 10-piece set comes with a 9.5-inch frying pan, an 11-inch frying pan, saute pan with lid, a casserole dish with lid, a saucepan with lid, a steamer, and a silicone turner. The set offers all of that for less than $150.

These pots and pans are made from a harder granite material with non-stick properties. They’re also PFOS/PFOA free, so you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals soaking into your food.

It's suitable for all stoves, and because their non-stick game is so on point, the cleanup is quick and easy regardless of what you cook. Many reviewers say they could have just used hot water. The downside: the handle gets super hot, so you may need to get some silicone handle covers. They are also not dishwasher safe, and they only come in one colorway. But all of that can't dampen the sheer value this set offers.






With a clean design and American-made, high-quality materials, All-Clad is an absolute staple for induction-ready stainless steel cookware. These beautiful pans are dishwasher safe, making them perfect for busy households that favor quick and simple cleanups.

All-Clad stainless steel pans feature a tri-ply construction, made with a responsive aluminum core bonded with 2 layers of stainless steel that allows for even heat distribution.

The 7-piece set contains a 10-inch fry pan, a 3-quart saucepan with lid, a 3-quart saute pan with lid, and a versatile 8-quart Stockpot with lid. There are also 5-, 10-, and 14-piece options available. They are oven safe up to 600 degrees F and resist warping, so you can really abuse these pans without worry.

Green Pan





GreenPan is a world leader when it comes to eco-friendly cookware. They supply healthy ceramic nonstick pans with toxin-free coating; all pans are free from PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium.

This three-piece ceramic nonstick set includes 8-inch, 9.5-inch, and 11-inch fry pans that feature diamond-infused ceramic nonstick coating, their signature Magneto induction base suitable for all stovetops, and truly high-quality materials and manufacturing. They are oven safe up to 600 degrees F.

Reviewers love that you can use metal utensils on them, they’re attractive on your countertop, and they are exactly as advertised without any surprises. Some reviewers noted, though, that durability waned after 1-2 years of heavy use.

Our Place





This 8-in-1 cast iron pan allows for multiple uses for cooking, so you can save space and reduce clutter. It comes with a lid and silicone Hot Grips, so you won't be screaming in pain from hot handles.

It's oven-safe up to 500 degrees F (or 425 degrees F with the lid) and is super easy to clean with glossy exteriors. Reviewers love that it comes in several beautiful colors, that it's lighter in weight than many other cast irons of the same size, that it's a good value for the price, and how much easier it is to clean than others.

One thing you should note is that because it's made of black matte enameled cast iron, you won't need to pre-season it, unlike other cast irons, and it can be used to cook with acidic foods. That's a plus, but that also means you’ll need to use more butter or oils to cook with since it doesn't build up that seasoning over time. Some users may prefer that long-term seasoning effect and cook with fewer fats. There are also no pour spouts for removing excess oil or liquids.






The Caraway cookware set is a cult favorite with almost 40,000 positive site reviews. While many social media ads can be misleading, Caraway has made a huge splash on the internet, and with good reason.

This set comes with a 10.5-inch frying pan, a 3-quart saucepan, a 4-quart saute pan, and a 6.5-quart dutch oven. They come with lids. It's aesthetically beautiful, with a clean yet glossy look.

We love that this set comes with storage (magnetic pan racks and a canvas lid holder), is made with a non-toxic coating (free of PTFEs, like Teflon, PFOA, and heavy metals), and comes in several colors to choose from to suit your taste. It's oven-safe up to 550 degrees F.

Reviewers love the even cooking, excellent customer service, and how there's very little sticking with such easy cleanup. They’re not super cheap, but they’re a good investment piece for cookware that won't cause a massive headache.

Whether you’re looking for stainless steel pots and pans, ceramic frying pans, or cast iron induction cookware, there are a few variables you should consider before taking the plunge.

When deciding on the best induction cookware, look for indicators of an induction-compatible symbol, also known as a ferromagnetic base. There are a few kinds of cookware that are naturally induction ready, like:

You’ll also need to consider cost or, rather, value. Sometimes you’ll see a higher price tag but look into it further. Does it come as a set? Are there better, more durable materials that will ultimately save you money?

While some cookware comes with insulated handles, others have simple metal handles that get hot along with the cooking area. In those cases, you’ll need an extra silicon grip or a glove to move the pans around. If that sounds like an annoying extra step, consider something with a built-in solution.

We highly recommend searching for non-stick cookware for easier cleanup and handling. Make sure it comes with a non-toxic coating, however, because many non-stick pans come with Teflon or other toxic chemicals that seep into your food and are harmful to the environment.

You can tell if cookware is induction compatible on the label/website—it should say "induction-ready," "induction-compatible," etc. If you want to see if your existing cookware is induction-compatible, you can try placing a magnet on the bottom and see if it sticks.

Frankly, induction cookware is generally more expensive. Cast irons, for example, will require a heftier price tag than a simple old pan. It's also a new method of cooking that might be a bit of a learning curve if you’re not used to it.

It depends. Pricing typically varies depending on the quality and type of the materials, durability, brand, aesthetic, etc. You can find some cookware options around $50, and you can find some that are more luxury purchases in the several hundreds.

We think everyone should treat cookware like an investment. A solid set of pans can last for years and years with proper care, but you have to start with the right product. If you’re looking for a new way to cook, induction stoves range from simple hot plate-style models to advanced surfaces. The best induction cookware offers easy cleaning, simple use, and long-lasting durability to keep those asparagus tips crispy well into the future.

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