Sep 05, 2023

Our Place’s Affordable New Ceramics Have Arrived Just In Time for the Holidays

By Tiffany Hopkins and MacKenzie Chung Fegan

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Welcome to What's New, our column where we round up the latest in food products, beverages, and kitchen and cooking tools.

We’re in the thick of holiday-entertaining season, and this month's installment of What's New includes a few items that will help you get through festive feasts and eggnog-y extravaganzas. We’re talking ceramic dinnerware from Our Place, table linens from Material, a big ol’ roasting pan from Hestan Culinary, and more. As a reminder, some of these items we’ve tried, but some are so new that we haven't gotten our sweaty little hands on them yet. Regardless, all of the products mentioned are from brands that we know and love. Whether you’re in search of a gift for your favorite dinner party host or you just like to keep your pantry on trend, consider this a timely shopping guide.

There's a lot to love about Our Place's cook- and serving-ware, including this hefty cutting board and these vibe-y drinking glasses. They recently tapped into the world of ceramic dinnerware with a new collection that works as a "modular ecosystem." That means smart-stacking plates that double as lids for bowls, bowls that nest into serving platters, and so on. In addition to plates and bowls in a variety of sizes, the new tableware collection features beverage mugs, glass carafes, and more. True to form for Our Place, all the colors are really pretty. —Tiffany Hopkins, commerce writer

These white chocolate strawberries make me feel like I’m a Japanese businessman, sourcing exquisite fruit as a holiday gift for my boss. I don't pretend to understand how the confectioners in Nagano make these creamy, fruity treats—they look exactly like a fresh strawberry, but the texture is that of chocolate—but they are incredibly delicious. —MacKenzie Chung Fegan, senior commerce editor

Here's the truth: Most turkey basters will get the job done. But most turkey basters will not look as cute or bring as much joy as this one from Staff, which features a purple rubber bulb with the brand's signature smiley face and a translucent pink plastic tube. It's the latest addition to their lineup of household essentials—including oven mitts, plungers, and toilet brushes—with bold colors and unique designs. While I cannot guarantee that it’ll make your holiday roasts more delicious, I can guarantee that it’ll make your cooking experience a lot brighter. —T.H.

Material makes beautiful cooking tools (knives, cutting boards, and such) that are quite reasonably priced for the quality. So it's no surprise that their new glassware is equally attractive and thoughtfully designed. The tumbler can accommodate an XL ice cube, while the larger glasses feature a playful, rounded bubble base and stack for easy storage. Also newly launched? Linen napkins in an array of muted hues. Take 20% off for a limited time. —M.C.F.

We know and love Yolélé for bringing new ways to eat fonio—the ancient African supergrain—to the US market with their flavorful pilafs, chips, flour, and more. Now they’re expanding beyond fonio products with a new line of spice rubs and dip mixes. You can find them in three flavors: Yassa (a vibrant blend of scotch bonnet chili, onion, and thyme), Rof (an herby pastiche of parsley, chili, and scallions), and Afro-Funk (a mélange of umami dawadawa, garlic, and mushroom). Use them to level up everything from marinades to soups to popcorn. —T.H.

From stainless-steel skillets to titanium sauté pans to copper stock pots, Hestan makes some of the most durable, good-looking cookware around. Dinner party hosts will appreciate their latest offering: The heavy duty, tri-ply 16.5" Classic Roaster, which can hold a turkey or roast that weighs up to 20 lbs. This roasting pan is constructed with stainless steel with an aluminum core for optimal heat conductivity, and it comes with a V-shaped rack to promote fast, even cooking. —T.H.

Big pistachio fan over here, and Ziba's roasted and salted baby pistachio kernels are maybe the best I’ve ever tasted. These tiny nuts are foraged, not farmed, from a province in northern Afghanistan near the Hindu Kush mountains. In fact, all of Ziba's dried fruits and nuts hail from Afghanistan, and the company aims to create an ethical supply chain, sourcing directly from farmers and foragers. —M.C.F.

Issue number two of the indie publication Cake Zine (which, full disclosure, a lot of former BA staffers worked on) is high-concept, celebrating cake in all its sinister, macabre, and uncanny forms. Inside you’ll find Sohla El-Waylly's recipe for a Death By Chocolate cake covered in violent-looking shards, an essay about the colonial implications of Jaffa Cakes, and DALL-E experiments by baker Bronwen Wyatt of @bayousaintcake. —M.C.F.

Traceable, climate-friendly, ready-to-use sauces made by expert chefs? Sign me up. Our Pantry is the new pantry staple line founded by Carolyna De Laurentiis (Giada's aunt) together with chefs Adrienne Cheatham, Mariana Velasquez, and Silvia Barban. The brand launched with four different sauces—Sweet Ginger BBQ, Roasted Tomato Onion Salsa, Cherry Tomato Sauce, and Cherry Tomato Arrabbiata—that speak to the chefs’ personal heritages. Each of them is made with traceable ingredients that, when possible, are grown using regenerative agricultural practices. —T.H.