Sep 07, 2023

Almost 12,000 Amazon Shoppers Love This ‘Game Changer’ Pot Rack

It's time to organize your cabinets.

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Unless you’re living in the kitchen of my dreams, which, if you’re curious, has light streaming in over the kitchen island and reflecting off the hanging (pristine and untarnished) copper pans above, you likely have the same problem as everyone else: Finding a place to keep your pans. Whether you’re stacking them in a cabinet, or cramming them into a closet, there's no worse feeling than having to dig around for a pan, only to find it at the very back, nestled behind a blender and a rolling pin, especially when you need it most.

Thankfully, Amazon shoppers have found a solution. Not only are they calling this pan rack organizer a kitchen "game changer," there's even better news: Right now you can snag one for yourself for just $17. In fact, you might even want to grab two.


To buy: DecoBros Kitchen Counter and Organizer Shelf, $17 (originally $30) at

The DecoBros Kitchen Counter and Organizer Shelf is simple in its design, yet perfect in its functionality. It measures in at 9 inches by 9.5 inches by 11.75 inches, and is perfect for placing on your countertop or in your cabinet. It can either rest vertically, and hold five pans, or horizontally, and hold four pans. If you’re worried about heavier pans, like cast iron skillets, you shouldn't be. Several reviewers note this rack is sturdy enough to hold even their heaviest pans.

Either way you put it though, the separators make it easy to place and remove pans, without putting them together and potentially scratching their surface. The only caveat is that it can't accommodate lids, but with kitchen cabinets so organized, you’ll have plenty of room to store those separately.

This has been a go-to solution for over 11,900 shoppers, who have given it perfect ratings at Amazon. They love how easy it is to assemble and how much space it ultimately saves them in their kitchen. One home cook writes that before they found this rack, they kept nonstick skillets stacked together with towels between them, which was awkward every time they needed to use one. "Now I can easily reach into my cabinet and just pull out the one I need," they say.

Another customer writes that they "managed to reorganize the kitchen cabinets using just one of these," and that they’re already "planning to purchase another." They end their review calling this simple product a "game changer."

If you’re struggling for space in the kitchen, it's time you added this pot rack to your countertop or cabinets. For just $17, you’ll be glad you did.

At the time of publishing, the price was $17.