Aluminum Clad Foam Blocks/ Plate /Board

Aluminum Clad Foam Blocks/ Plate /Board

aluminum clad foam blocks/ plate /board Henan Chalco adopts the world's leading slow release casting foaming technology


Basic Info
Model NO. no alloys
Surface Treatment Powder Coating
Alloy Alloy
Thickness 9--80mm
Cover Layer Thickness 0.75--10mm
Flatness of Sheets 1mm/1000m
Tensile Strength 120--200MPa
Transport Package Export Standard Wooden Pallet
Specification According to Customer Requirement
Trademark Chalco Aluminum
Origin Henan China
HS Code 7606119000
Production Capacity 10000mt/Month
Product Description
aluminum clad foam blocks/ plate /board


Henan Chalco adopts the world's leading slow release casting foaming technology to produce the aluminum foam block. It is the largest 2600mm*1000mm*600mm in the world, and can produce standard aluminum foam block plate with a size of 2400mm*800mm*6-200mm. We produce and supply of porous plates and blocks of porous aluminium in different sizes according to customers' specifications. the maximum thickness of the product is dependent on the program what they choose. 1,Specs of Aluminum foam block:
Energy Absorption8J/m3~30J/m3;
Compressive strength3Mpa~17Mpa
Bending strength3Mpa~15Mpa;
Bore diameterUniformly distributed1-10mm,Main bore diameter 4-8mm;
DimensionsMaximum size: 2600mm×1000mm×600mm, Standard size: 2400mm × 800mm × 6-200mm.
2,Gravity of aluminum foam and its usage:
No.Gravity(g/cm3)Dimension (mm)Main Usage
10.25~0.42400×800×6--200Sound-absorbing material, marble composite board, interior and exterior decoration composite board, heat insulation wall material
20.4~0.6Impact resistant material, carriage body composite board, sound insulation material, marble composite board, interior and exterior decoration composite board
3above 0.6Impact resistant material
3,Specs of aluminum foam block:
Sound absorption property Perforation of closed cell aluminum foam can be made into sound absorption board. When the opening rate is 1%~3%, the sound absorption rate is the highest. The sound absorption rate measured by standing wave method can reach 40%-80% in the range of 1000Hz to 2000 Hz.
Weathering resistanceCorrosion resistance: there is no obvious abnormality in the marine atmosphere for a year. Under accelerated corrosion conditions, the spray salt spray test has no abnormality for 2 years, indicating that the corrosion resistance of aluminum foam is very good.
Non moisture absorption: the moisture absorption rate of foam aluminum is 0%. There is no hygroscopicity phenomenon and the acoustic performance will not be degraded due to humidity.
Heat resistant / non flammable characteristics: aluminum foam is softened at 600 degree high temperature and is a non combustible material.
Thermal insulation performance: the thermal conductivity of aluminum foam is 0.25~0.62W/m.K, which is equivalent to marble and has better thermal insulation performance.
Thermal stability: the linear expansion coefficient of aluminum foam is 1.934*10 C, which is equivalent to concrete.
Mechanical propertiesMechanical properties: compressive strength: 3 - 17 MPa; flexural strength: 3 - 15 MPa; tensile strength: 2 - 7 MPa;
Cushioning performance: energy absorption can reach 8J/cm3 ~ 30J/cm3. Foam aluminum can absorb energy through deformation. It is an excellent energy absorbing material for impact energy.
Damping property: the internal friction factor Q-1 of foam aluminum reaches 6 * 10-3 by the Institute of solid state physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Machine performanceFoamed aluminum is widely used in various fields. It is based on a porous lightweight silver white metal material, which has the characteristics of easy processing. It can be sawn, cut, planed, and milling. It is easy to be processed into plates, bars, bars and various special-shaped parts.
Green environmental protectionNontoxic: aluminum foam is a composite material composed of metal and air holes. It is non-toxic and does not escape toxic gas at high temperature.
Recyclable: the main chemical composition of aluminum foam is aluminum alloy and its oxide. It can be recycled by 100%, and will not cause any pollution to the environment.
Electromagnetic shieldingElectromagnetic shielding (below 200MHz) shielding electromagnetic screen 90dB, has excellent electromagnetic shielding performance.
ApplicationBecause aluminum foam has many special properties, it can be widely used in aerospace, aviation, high-speed train, urban rail train, shipbuilding, high-speed rail, construction, tunnel and noise barriers along the way. It has light weight, high sound absorption, high shock absorption, high absorption energy, high electromagnetic shielding performance, excellent heat insulation, high temperature resistance, and non combustible combustion characteristics. It has unique environmental friendliness.


Aluminum Clad Foam Blocks/ Plate /Board


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