0.5mm Thickness Mill Finish 2219 2218 2024 Aluminum Alloy Coil

0.5mm Thickness Mill Finish 2219 2218 2024 Aluminum Alloy Coil

1: Brief Introduction Of 2219 aluminum alloy 2219 aluminium alloy is an alloy in the wrought aluminium-copper family (20


Basic Info
Model NO. 2219 2218
Alloy Non-alloy
Thickness 0.2mm to 3mm
Width 1000mm to 2000mm
Length in Coil
Tolerance +/-0.02mm
Mtc En 10204/3.1
Standard ASTM B209, ISO 6361, En573-1 etc.
Transport Package as Customer′s Requirement
Trademark ZYTC
Origin China
HS Code 7606125000
Production Capacity 500 Tons/Month
Product Description
1: Brief Introduction Of 2219 aluminum alloy

2219 aluminium alloy is an alloy in the wrought aluminium-copper family (2000 or 2xxx series). It can be heat-treated to produce tempers with higher strength but lower ductility. The aluminium-copper alloys have high strength, but are generally less corrosion resistant and harder to weld than other types of aluminium alloys. To compensate for the lower corrosion resistance, 2219 aluminium can be clad in a commercially pure alloy such as 1050 or painted. This alloy is commonly formed by both extrusion and forging, but is not used in casting.[2]The 2219 aluminium alloy in particular has high fracture toughness, is weldable and resistant to stress corrosion cracking, therefore it is widely used in supersonic aircraft skin and structural members. The Space Shuttle Standard Weight Tank was also fabricated from the 2219 alloy.Alternate designations include AlCu6Mn and A92219.Machinability:Aluminium /Aluminum 2219 alloy can be machined in the annealed condition. In the heat treated condition, this alloy is very difficult to machine. Oil base lubrication is used to perform machining operations.Forming:Aluminium /Aluminum 2219 alloy can be formed using conventional techniques.Welding:Aluminium /Aluminum 2219 alloy can be welded using resistance welding, and inert gas welding techniques with high precautions in order to prevent cracking. This process is followed by heat treatment in order to maintain the corrosion resistance property of this alloy.Heat Treatment:Aluminium /Aluminum 2219 alloy can be heat treated at 538°C (1000°F) followed by quenching in cold water.Forging:Aluminium /Aluminum 2219 alloy can be forged to maintain the corrosion resistance property.Hot working:Aluminium /Aluminum 2219 alloy should not be hot worked if they are not subjected to heat treatment in order to restore the corrosion resistance property of this alloy.Cold working:Aluminium /Aluminum 2219 alloy can be cold worked using conventional methods.Annealing:Aluminium /Aluminum 2219 alloy is annealed at 538°C (1000°F) for sufficient time followed by quenching in cold water.Aging:Aluminium /Aluminum 2219 alloy can be aged at 190°C (375°F) for varying time after annealing and quenching. Forgings can be aged at 190°C (375°F) for 18 h, and sheet or plate type product forms can be aged at 190°C (375°F) for 36 h followed by cooling in air.Hardening:Aluminium /Aluminum 2219 alloy is hardened by aging or cold working.Applications:Aluminium /Aluminum 2219 alloy is suitable for manufacturing structural components, which are used in high strength weldments and high temperature applications.

2: Chemical Composition

Aluminum Grades:1000 series: 1035,1040,1050,1060,1070,1080,1090,1098,1100,1230,1435,1260,1170,1275,1285,13852000 series: 2001,2002,2011,2014,2017,2117,2218,2519,2024,2224,2025,2030,2031,2036,2090,20913000 series: 3002,3003,3004,3103,3203,3303,3105,3006,3007,3107,3008,3009,3015,30165000 series: 5005,5205,5006,5010,5013,5014,5016,5017,5040,5043,5050,5150,5251,5351,5451,5052,5083 5352,5552,5254,5754,5856,5456,52836000 series: 6101,6201,6003,6103,6105,6205,6006,6106,6110,6061,6060,6063,6863,6081,6082,6162,68637000 series: 7001,7003,7005,7108,7129,7146,7050,7472,7075,7076,7277,7178,7278,7091,72778000 series: 8001,8004,8006,8011,8111,8014,8030,8130,8177,8079,8081,8280,8091Aluminum Temper:O,H12,H13,H14,H16,H18,H24,H32,H34,H19,H38,G36,F,H111,H112,H192,H392,H393,H321T1,T3,T4,T8,T72,T451,T42,T62,T5,T6,T36,T351,T651,T851,T3511,T913,T94,T7351,T89,T4510,T6510,T8510,T8511,T4511,T52,T5511,T6511,T54,T73

The aluminum industry has created a system using a four-digit numerical designation to identify wrought aluminum alloys. The first digit indicates the major alloying element. The second digit indicates whether there was a modification in the basic alloy. The third and fourth digit indicates the specific alloy. The following represent the various groups:
1XXXAluminum 99% or greater
2XXXCopper - major alloying element
3XXXManganese - major alloying element
5XXXMagnesium - major alloying element
6XXXMagnesium and silicon - major alloying elements
7XXXZinc -major alloying element

3: Aluminum Plate/Coil Process 4: Aluminum Alloy Coil Packing & Shipping

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